Manufacturing Benefits

Using EXO can save energy and costs

Product manufacturers using EXO report a number of energy and cost saving benefits. No significant adjustment is needed to equipment.


Using EXO, blown films can be extruded at low temperature and low pressure, increasing the linear output for a lower energy cost.

The semi-matt finish is ideal for printing in fine detail and films require less or no electrical corona treatment.

Chemical consumption is also reduced. The natural frosted colour of the supplement extends and brightens pigments which means that less coloured masterbatch is required to create coloured films.

The CaCo3 dispersed in the film creates a natural anti-blocking property which means that less, or no release agent is required.

Injection Moulding and Thermoforming

EXO adds properties typically found by the addition of mineral based fillers. Treated products benefit from lower shrinkage and better structural stiffness and impact resistance.

As with blown films the natural whiteness of EXO allows it to function as a white pigment, helping to reduce and in certain cases completely avoid the addition of expensive coloured masterbatch.

EXO is particularly suited for products such as HDPE bottles and polypropylene caps and closures where loading levels can reach nearly 50%.

Marketing Support for Manufacturers

Many of the manufacturers that use EXO are keen to re-sell the additive to their own customers as a product option. We can help with this by providing product literature and samples. If you become a regular purchaser of EXO we will send you a framed licensee certificate that confirms that you use and promote the material in line with our recommendations.

How to buy EXO

The EXO masterbatch is packed in 25Kg bags and we can supply these worldwide. Full manufacturing technical support is available, including on-site support if requested. Contact us for more information and the latest prices.

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