EXO works well in flexible and rigid plastic packaging

EXO is currently being used in non-durable products made from HDPE, LDPE, polypropylene and polystyrene.

Flexible PE Films

EXO distributes evenly in HDPE and LDPE films and is proving to be a high-performance replacement material. A loading level of 22% can easily be run in 13-15 micron films to give around 20% bio-renewable content. In thicker films, a loading of 25% or more is possible.

The supplement is ideal for use in products ranging from lightweight carrier bags and bags-for-life, to plastic sacks and sheeting. The only limitation is that EXO cannot be used to make items that need to be clear as it has a natural frosted finish.

Rigid HDPE, PP and PS

For plastic products that are injection moulded or thermo-formed, EXO can replace up to 45% of the synthetic polymer normally required to make the item without impacting on product performance. We have had considerable success with HDPE bottles and PP caps as well as polystyrene coffee-cup lids. Finished goods are recyclable using standard processes.

Applications include bottles, food trays, disposable cups, cup-lids, bowls and cutlery. The only limitation is that EXO is not suitable for use in plastic products that need to be completely clear.

How to buy EXO

The EXO masterbatch is packed in 25Kg bags and we can supply these worldwide. See our Manufacturing Benefits page for more information.

How to buy Finished Goods made with EXO

If you are interested in having items made with EXO we can arrange this using a manufacturer from our Licensee network. Contact us for more information.

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