One-Stop bags are now made with less plastic!

One-Stop is a rapidly developing convenience-store chain owned by Tesco with over 600 stores in the UK. As a busy retailer their lightweight carrier bag usage is in the region of 60 million per year*. In addition to this, One-Stop also sell a reusable flexi-loop handle bag-for-life.

In 2013 One-Stop commissioned the development of a new carrier bag with the requirement that it utilised materials and processes that were more environmentally friendly. Having a biodegradable bag was seen as an advantage but they did not want to use oxo-degradable technology to achieve this. The new bag also had to be recyclable, as the previous bag wasn’t.

By working closely with the team at One-Stop and with their packaging supplier Global, we were able to deliver a more eco-friendly carrier bag that out-performed their previous design. The organic composition of EXO enables an advanced rate of biodegradation to be achieved but the bag remains recyclable. Unlike plastics treated with oxo-degradable additives shelf life is unaffected so premature degradation in transit or storage was avoided.

One-Stop’s lightweight carrier bags now contain 20% renewable material and as a development of the original project, their new bag-for-life is now also made with EXO. This bag now has 25% less plastic.

* Estimated at time of publication in 2013