Footprinting EXO with the Carbon Trust

The polymers in EXO are not oil-based and all the ingredients come from locations a short distance away from the manufacturer. Because of this, we believe the factory to gate CO2e value for EXO is favourable compared to that of the synthetic polymers it replaces.

Despite our optimism, some of our larger potential customers have expressed a desire to know ‘exactly’ what the CO2e saving would be if they were to utilise EXO.

To try and answer that question we have asked The Carbon Trust to help us create a certifiable Life Cycle Analysis for EXO. Armed with this data we should be able to calculate CO2e savings based on the type of plastic, the finished product weight and order quantity.

Carbon footprinting is a time consuming and complex process so the project has no schedules at present, however we are commited to being able to offer more accurate CO2e data to customers as soon as possible.