Introducing EXO!

Exoplastics Limited have introduced a new material made from waste Oyster shell that can replace up to 45% of the synthetic polymer needed to make plastic packaging.

The product called ‘EXO’ is suitable for use in flexible films as well as in thermo-formed and injection moulded items. Finished goods made with EXO retain their performance characteristics and are recyclable using standard processes.

The reason EXO works so well is that Oyster shell contains a unique blend of polysaccharides and two kinds of organic calcium carbonate. These ingredients disperse very evenly in plastics and the material can be loaded at higher levels than with traditional plastic fillers.

The product also has sound eco-credentials. The shells used to make EXO come from a sustainable waste-stream of the mariculture industry and they would otherwise be discarded. The formulation does not contain a food stock and there are no GMO issues.

Exoplastics Limited can supply EXO in 25Kg bags to packaging manufacturers both in the UK and overseas, plus we offer a comprehensive technical and marketing support service for packaging designers and suppliers.

For more information and samples, or to talk with one of our sales team, please use the contact form on this website.